Know These Best Useful Secret Youtube Tips And Tricks

useful youtube tricks and tips

If you want to know the best helpful Youtube tips and tricks then you are in the right place.

YouTube has become the largest video-sharing platform since bought by Google. It has 2+ billion users as of today according to YouTube Press.

Below is the best Useful tips and tricks for YouTube. Use these tips and be a pro.

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I. Useful Youtube Tips and Tricks on URL

There are many tricks to be used on YouTube URL. Some useful tips are listed below:

1. Remove Age Restriction

YouTube tries to make its contents user friendly to all age groups of users. However, there are some videos that are age-specific and not appropriate to certain people.

When you try to explore such videos, you will get the Age Restriction error sign. This sign comes often when you are viewing YouTube without signing in. But there is a way of watching those videos without signing in. You can easily bypass this age restriction sign and enjoy those videos.

age restriction sign

Tips to remove the age restriction on YouTube?

Follow step by step:

Step 1:

First Go to the video that you want to watch. If it shows age restriction then, go to its URL
youtube url

Step 2:

Then add gen before youtube.
writing gen before youtube

Step 3:

Hit Enter and the browser redirects to GenYouTube where you can watch that video without age restriction.
chrome tricks to open age restricted videos


First copy the YouTube URL of the age-restricted video that you want to watch. Then Go to GenYouTube directly and paste the URL. And you can watch that video.

2. Create your own gif

GIF is nowadays a new way of expressing emotions, thoughts, and feelings. What if we can create our own GIF from the youtube video we like? Sound interesting, right?

youtube trick to create gif

See the above GIF that I created. Not so good!!!!!

Well you can use some settings and you can create an awesome GIF right now.

Tips to create GIF from Youtube Video

Follow step by step to create GIF from youtube Video

Step 1

Go to Youtube and open a video that you want to create GIF from.
create gif trick

Step 2

Go to its URL and add gif before youtube
adding gif before youtube

Step 3

Hit Enter and GIF editor opens. Now you can customize your GIF and save it or embed it in Facebook also.
tips for creating gif

To download your GIF you need to create a free account. If you don’t want to give your personal email address for sign up then you can use mailinator free public mail. Here is an article about How to use mailinator for signing up on different websites.

3. Share a youtube video with a custom start time.

Every body knows the way to share youtube videos with friends or on different social media. But do you know how to share youtube video with a custom start time? Well, I do.

When you share with a custom start time, and when someone opens that link, the youtube video will start from the time you selected. Awesome right? Now you don’t need to mention the time to start watching that video to your friend.

First open the video you want to share with custom time. Then right-click on the video to get option.

youtube ticks and tricks

Then select the Copy Video URL at current time option for your required time. My custom time for e.g. is 12:20 as shown in the fig above. Now that URL is copied to computer clipboard. Now paste wherever you want.

Or you can change the time using another way. Click the Share option below the video

useful youtube tricks
youtube ticks and tricks for custom time

Then this box opens.

You can see below the time saying Start at. Tick there and change the starting time as you want.

Then share on any social media platform from above icon.

II. Other Youtube Tips and Tricks

1. Repeat Same Music Video

Many people use YouTube to listen to their favorite songs. I too do the same all the time. Sometimes, we want to play the same song over and over maybe because of that instant situation or mood.

For e.g., someone’s birthday party is going on, and you want to play one good ‘Happy Birthday’ song repeatedly. In such a case, the trick that I am going to show will help you a lot.

There is an easy way to repeat the same video in a loop. This is a very easy process and many have seen that option but when it comes to using that, we forget that. Let me show you.

First Play the Video you want to loop. Then right-click on the video to get the options. Select Loop.

video in loop

Enjoy watching or listening to same music.

2. Dark Theme

Using electronic devices like TV, Laptop, mobile at night can cause problems in the eyes. The blue light coming from such device disturbs our sleep cycle and even a retina damage.

But We want to watch youtube at night. Right? So how to do that? How to watch without causing problem in eyes?

Well, there is an easy solution to this. Youtube has default dark theme setting to apply.

Open youtube and Click on your profile picture at the top right corner.

dark theme trickc in youtube

Select the Dark theme option and turn it on.

You will get a dark interface whole over the youtube page.

Don’t worry about the video.

The video light is still good to watch.

See the image below

dark theme youtube tips and tricks

3. Get More Info

All youtube video has title and description provided by the content creator. But There is one more option in youtube that shows other information related to video and also your connection.

Using this option, you can view the information like Video codec, color, loudness, connection speed, video Id, and other info. This information is shown above the video so enabling it while playing video is not good.

Go to youtube and play any video you want. Then right-click to get options.

stat for nerds tricks for youtube
stat for nerds tricks for youtube

You can close that info box clicking on the cut bottom at the top right corner.

4. Create your own playlist

We make our own playlist in our music app. We separate the best songs and put it in one playlist. Playlist are made on different genre. Oh! I don’t need to tell about this. Let me go directly to playlist in youtube.

You can create your own playlist and make it public too so that other also can view your playlist. You can give any name to the playlist and choose different videos to be included in your playlist.

playlist tips for youtube

Here is all the playlist of my youtube.

I have created different playlist for different types of videos.

Now I can go to my any playlist and watch video of my need.

To create a playlist, Play the video that you would like to add to the playlist. Below the video, there is Add sign shown in the figure below. Click on that and Select Create new playlist.

playlist tips for youtube
playlist tips for youtube

Give the name to the playlist you want.

When you find other videos related to playlist, you can follow the same process and you will see your playlist name. Just tick the playlist and done.

This way, we can add our videos on a separate playlist so that we can only watch the specific video we want. It is better than the Watch Later feature.

Use these youtube tips and tricks and be a pro. This article will be updated with new tips and tricks later.

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