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There are so many things that we can do on the internet. One of the best things among them is to view the best websites. The worthy website offers us so many great things. We can learn, write, read, watch, listen, interact, play, etc. on specific websites.

Websites are becoming a part of a day to day life. Wait, don’t disagree. I can prove my statement.

In this modern-day communication, Everyone is connected with others through a medium of application. We use Facebook from, Instagram from We use twitter from to follow our idols, or passions, or news. Virtually, we are connected around the world, but that’s okay, at least we are connected.

We listen to our favorite songs and watch videos on YouTube. There are many other subscription-based video platforms on the internet like Netflix, Amazon prime video, Hulu, HBO, and many more. All these platforms share their videos through their websites.

See, Whatever we search on the internet, is served to us through the website. From simple watching time and date to watching Earth from ISS(International Space Station) can be done through websites.

There are more than 2 billion websites on the internet and more are adding as you are reading this article.

Some websites are too popular like,, whereas there are websites that you haven’t heard before like, My point in saying that is There are so many websites which are not popular like others but does the work better for our specific needs.

From the oceans of websites on the internet, I present to you these 10 valuable websites that you would like to use at some point in your life. It’s just my list and you can completely disagree with my list. With being said that, let’s go to the list.

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Best Websites worth knowing:

1. Remove Background From Image

Removing the background from the image is the one thing that anybody would want while editing the images. After the background is removed, we can insert that image into any new background.

Professionals remove the background from the image using photo editing tools like Photoshop. But who wants to learn the whole Photoshop if it can be done in a second without knowing the complex part of image editing tools.

The website does that work for you within a second for FREE. Yes, for FREE. You don’t need to signup their websites, No need to stay in the queue, Just drag the image and download the result.

No limitation in use and that also without sign up, wow.

You can open that website and do your work anytime you want.

I personally use this website to make thumbnail images for my videos and articles. So I think this is one of the valuable websites out there in internet. best website

2. Free Online Courses, Lessons & Practice

Online education has been a modern way of getting an education these days. Now, it is not those days, where we have to go and attend a classroom to learn something. Just with internet access, anybody can learn anything from it. The recent ongoing novel pandemic COVID-19 has also added a greater cause to online learning.

There are many worthy websites that make online courses and lessons. Only a few courses are available for free users. Most of the courses on the internet are for paid users. But Khan Academy is the best website out there on the internet that offers all its courses for absolutely free.

The Khan Academy offers courses of math, test prep, life skill, science, computing, economist, and others for free.

khan academy courses best website

First, you have to signup to start learning from there. You can signup using a Google account, Apple account, Facebook account, or email. They also have their mobile app so that you can learn anywhere.

Go and search your subject and learn for free.

3. Bed Time Calculator

Here is a awesome valuable website that calculates you time to go to bed.

This website calculates your sleeping time according to your wake up time. Suppose you have to wake up at 3:25 am exactly in the morning. Now you will keep an alarm of 3:25 but you don’t know the exact time to go to bed. Well, know your exact time to go to bed.

Researchers believed that Humans completes few cycles of sleep during one sleep. When we wake up between sleep cycles, we wake up feeling refreshed whereas waking up in the middle of a cycle, make us feeling tired.

So sleepy.ty calculates your bedtime by tracking your waking time backwards and give you times to go to bed for good sleep.

Its very helpful website and no need to signup to use it.

Go to its website and put your waking time.

sleepyti homepage

I entered 4:25 am and it shows the results like shown below:

sleepyti sleeping time suggestion

4. 1.8 million+ Stunning Free Images to Use Anywhere

You might need images at some point in your work. Well, you can search google anytime. Google will show the results of images from every website possible. But you cannot use those images in your work. Every image shown by google is copyright to its owner website.

So the best way is to use those images which are free from copyright. You can use those images anywhere from your simple project to your blog or YouTube.

There are many websites for images. But offers a wide range of images for absolutely free. You can search for images and download in a different size.

best website pixabay for free images

This website also offers videos, vector graphics for free. This is the best website to get free images.

5. Cheat Sheets

Cheat Sheets by is one of the best websites for a learner. This website has thousands of cheat sheets on every subject. You can search for your subject and find the good cheat sheet you want. Then you can download that cheat sheet in pdf format and save it in our device.

The cheat sheet available in is readable and only contains an important part of the topic, similar to actual cheat. These cheat sheets can be used as a quick refresher and guide to particular topic.

If you are going to download cheat sheet, sign in is not required. However, if you want to create a cheat sheet, you need to sign up and join the community.

cheat sheet best website

6. Instructables: yours for the making

The best community-based website on the go is This is a website that helps us to learn, share, explore, and create something. There are many categories like Workshop, craft, living, teachers and more.

You can explore the projects created by others and learn to create them step by step. The best web documentation to learn to create something is the best part of this website. You can learn wide range of projects from here. Making small light bulb to creating big furniture, all can be learned step by step in text, image and animation form.

instructables website

This website can be a great tool to make our-self engaged during our holiday and do something productive. And the best part: we can start learning directly without signing up.

7. Mailinator: millions of public mail

If you are like me who go through different websites to check out their features, then this website is for you. Most of the websites require to sign up to view their contents. And most of the sign-ups are done using an email address.

But we don’t want our personal email address to sign up just to explore its website. In such a case, Mailinator comes to rescue. The mailinator is a public email hosting that allows using a public email address with for free.

Suppose you are visiting a site and you are asked to signup using email. Then you can put any email name with the extension and complete the signup process. Then go to and open the mailbox of the mail that you used. Simple right?

It is a public email. Anyone can open the mail with the correct mail address. So it’s not good to provide real information while signing up with mailinator. And only use mailinator for unnecessary signup.

Here is screenshot when i use mailinator for signing up.

signup using mailinator
searching public mail

Go to and search your mail that you used to sign up

opening mailinator mail website

you can find all the confirmation mails in that mailbox.

8. Cost Of Living

Ever wondered what might be the cost of living in other cities or countries? Well, you will have an answer within a seconds. The website gives information regarding cost, quality, crime, health, pollution, and many more indexes of different cities.

This website is best to use if you are planning to abroad for studies. You can search your destination cities and get information on those indexes. It also gives comparison of cost of living between your city with your destination city.

numbeo website

The website has a very easy interface. You can start using a city name or country name. After entering your desired location, it gives a summary of the cost of living and other price lists of different necessary items. It also has signup features to produce better results.

Go and check it out. Its FREE.

9. Good movies and shows to watch

If you are a movie and TV shows lover like me, then I know how difficult it is to get the right movie recommendation. Just to get the right movie, I watched so many youtube videos, opened so many websites, asked so many friends and hardly 2 or 3 movies were good to watch according to my choice.

Now you can have your right movie recommendation by a website. The website provides a movies list based on your selected categories and moods. The categories offered by this website is huge and also the best.

a good movie to watch

It also recommends movies and TV shows based on the availability of different video streaming platforms.

a good movie to watch

Based up on the rating, and also the comments, you can select the movies in this website.

The best movie recommendation out there on internet. They say ‘curated by humans, not by the algorithms‘.

Go to the site and experience yourself.

10. Library Genesis

The best for the last is Library Genesis. The library Genesis is a community based online library where you can download books, articles in PDF, or other formats.

This website contains books, articles, research papers of almost every field and also general interest books, comics, magazines, and many others. You name it, and it is available to download in Many students from all around the world are using it to get materials for studying free. The books are costly to buy but is FREE.

libgen website

The actually is not a library that store the materials, rather it is a online tool to search links for free books out there on the internet. But with the growing community and unlimited demands from users, now people can uploads the files they have access to, in

The main domain of this library is shut down by the court. However, It is still providing its services through other domains.

As I said, this is just my list. If you have some favorite websites that don’t appear in this list, write down in the comment.

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