The ultimate guide to Google chrome. Increase your productivity with these tips and tools

Google Chrome now stands as the most used web browser worldwide according to Net Marketshare and why not? It is developed by Google. The best browser by its features, user experience, privacy, and more but many doesn’t know to use Chrome to its full potential.

There are many hidden features in Chrome that are worth finding. This article will take you upon a journey to the undiscovered gems of Chrome – the gems which used with proper knowledge shines in your productivity.

This article can be taken as an ultimate guide to Google chrome. The users who just started using Chrome will gain knowledge of the full power of Chrome. Many tools may be already known to you, yet this article intends to enrich your knowledge.

If you don’t have google chrome for your desktop, download for free from here:

Below are the features and tools that every user should know for better experience of chrome

1. Automatic Data Synchronization(sync)

Data synchronization has never been so easy in the past. But, google has made this course easy for us, thanks to the help of chrome and the feature of one account for all google services.

When you log in to the new device with the same google account, you will see the same info on that new device.

  • Bookmarks
  • Passwords
  • History
  • Addresses & phone numbers
  • setting preferences

This is best for the greater user experience, as we don’t have to reconfigure our info and settings on our new devices.

But if you don’t want that feature, you can turn off the sync setting.

How to turn off sync?

  • Open Chrome on a computer.
  • Click your profile picture on the top right of chrome. or Directly go to setting page
  • Select ‘sync is on’.
  • It takes you to the setting page.
  • Click Turn off on the right side of your account name.
data sync in chrome
fig: First

fig: second

How to turn on sync?

Follow the previous steps. If it says ‘sync is off’, then Click Turn on.

2. Guest mode in chrome

This is a very important feature, google chrome has to offer for us. As the name suggests, guest mode helps us to give our chrome access to others, without compromising our data.

Suppose, your friend came to your house and asked for your device access to browse for some resources. You wouldn’t want your friends to see your search history, bookmarks, and many more. In such a case, we can activate guest mode and give our chrome access to that friend.

When guess mode activated, others cannot see your sync data like browse history, passwords, address, and more.

How to activate guest mode in chrome?

  • Open your chrome on your device.
  • Click on the profile pic on the top right.
  • At last, there is guest in the ‘other people’ section.
  • Click guest and a new chrome page will open in guest mode.
guest mode
fig: First
guest mode
fig: second

What happens in guest mode?

  • Browsing history will not be saved.
  • User data cannot be accessed.
  • Cookies will be deleted after closing of guess mode.
  • However, downloaded files will remain in system.

3. Incognito mode in chrome.

Incognito mode means private browsing. If you don’t want your chrome to remember your activity, you can open incognito mode in chrome.

By default, Google Chrome stores our activity to provide a better user experience. If we don’t want our chrome to track us, we can enable incognito mode. We can also block third-party cookies. This mode helps us to be anonymous while browsing our desire needs.

How to open incognito mode in chrome?

  • Open chrome
  • At the top right, click the three-dotthree-dot-menu menu
  • Click the second option ‘New Incognito Window’

Or you can use a shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + N to open a incognito mode.

incognito mode
fig: First
fig: second

4. Password manager of chrome

Nowadays, we go to different websites and make so many accounts. But it is difficult to remember all those usernames and passwords for our human mind nor we can write it down because of security.

What if google remembers all our password and gives us whenever required. Yes, Google can do that for us. Google Chrome has a default password manager to manage all our passwords. We can view the site’s name and URL, where the account is made. We can view the password and change the settings of auto sign-in. With the auto sign-in feature, it automatically fills the required information to log in on a website.

How to manage Passwords in chrome?

  • Click the three-dot menu three-dot-menuat the top right of Chrome
  • Go to setting
  • In the AutoFill section, click on Passwords
  • Scroll down and see the saved passwords
  • you can also on or off the auto sign-in option

Or you can view the password manager of google account from this link: Open Password Manager.

password manager
fig: first
password manager
fig: second
password manager chrome
fig: third
password manager chrome
fig: fourth

5. Inbuilt media control in chrome

Chrome has come with this feature of media control recently. With this feature, whenever media files are played in any tab, a media control button appears in the form of extension in the extension place (after the address bar).

This inbuilt media control shows you the site’s name with the files name, which are being played in the chrome. You can play/pause, reverse/next and also show the floating small screen of that media file.

inbuilt media control in chrome
fig: first
inbuilt media control in chrome
fig: second

inbuilt media control in chrome
fig: thrid

6. Use google search anywhere in the page

Everyone loves to do google searches whenever the need to know about certain topics or words. When we get a difficult word or some phrase, we first copy that text opens a new tab, and paste to search. However, that’s a long way to follow.

Chrome has builtin google search which enables the user to perform google search from anywhere on the page.

Just underline the word or text you want to search from google, and right-click the mouse and you can see an option of Search Google for <your text>. It opens the result in a new tab.

If you are searching for definitions of certain word, then there is another way by the use of google dictionary extension.

So easy right. Enjoy searching……

search google from any page
fig: first
search google from any page
fig: second

7. Use shortcut key for faster use of chrome

I think everyone is familiar with the shortcut key in Microsoft windows, words etc. Google chrome also offers shortcut key for the fast and efficient use of chrome features.

If we use chrome for all the browsing work, then its better to know some important shortcut key for our best and fast experience.

Some important shortcut keys are:

  • Ctrl + T to opens a new tab
  • Ctrl + Shift + T to open a recently closed tab.
  • Ctrl + J to go to Downloads
  • Ctrl + H to see browsing History
  • Ctrl + N to open new chrome windows
  • Ctrl + Shift + N to open incognito mode

8. Never lose the tab in chrome

When lots of tabs are open in Chrome, one might get confused and close the important tab. But don’t worry, we can reopen the recently closed tab without any problem.

How to open a recently closed tab?

  • Go to three-dots three-dot-menumenu
  • Hover over the history
  • You will see the Recently Closed menu
  • Select the tab you want to reopen

Or you can use the shortcut key: Ctrl + Shift + T to open a recently closed tab until you get the desired tab. Now reopen your desired tab and enjoy.

how to open recently closed tab
ig: how to open recently closed tab

9. Pin the important tab in chrome

When you are researching, you open lots of tabs. Then it might be confusing to manage important and unimportant tabs. Google Chrome comes with the solution to manage the tabs easily.

You can pin the important tabs and those pinned tabs rearrange in the fist position with the tab size small from the others. The pinned tab only shows the site logo. This small size helps to distinguish the pinned and unpinned tabs.

How to pin the tab?

  • Select your important tab form your opened tabs.
  • Right-click the mouse on the selected tab.
  • In the option, select Pin
  • See, your tab size is changed.
  • And unpin to come back to original.

This way your tabs are easy to manage. OR you can use certain extension to manage the tabs.

pin the page in chrome
fig: first
pin the page in chrome
fig: second
pin the page in chrome
fig: thrid

10. Bookmark for further use in chrome

Bookmark is the best feature that any browser offers. When you get an important web page, and you don’t want to remember its URL, then you can bookmark that web page. Bookmarking the page gives us an instant way to revisit that page.

Bookmarking in chrome gives you some extra options as well. You can bookmark the current tab or all opened tabs at once. You can also open bookmark manager to manage your bookmarks.

The bookmarked web page will appear in a horizontal line below the address bar.

How to use bookmark feature?

  • Open the site or web page you want to bookmark
  • Go to the three-dot menu three-dot-menu
  • Select Bookmarks and see the options
  • Select bookmark this tab

There you will get other options too for bookmark.

bookmark page
fig: first
bookmark page in chrome
fig: give name to page
bookmark page in chrome
fig: bookmarked page shown in there

You can easily bookmark the current tab using a shortcut key also.

Press Ctrl + D and give the name you want or leave with the default name. Then, select done and that page will be bookmarked.

11. Change the theme of Chrome

Everybody loves customization. The more customization means, the more we can make it personal. Google chrome offers customization through themes and extensions.

Chrome comes with the default boring theme that doesn’t provide any comfort view. However, we can change the theme suitable for our needs.

Go to Chrome Web Store and choose the theme you need. There are lots of themes available in different colors.

change theme in chrome
fig: without theme (default)
change theme in chrome
fig: after changing theme

12. Give extra features through extensions

Google chrome provides extra features to its browser through the extensions. The extensions in chrome act like a separate software having particular functions. The google community has become so big that you can get all types of features through the right extensions.

Go to Chrome Web Store for extensions and select the extension you need. Use right extension for the right task.

If you don’t have any idea about the right extension, then there is one article for you. Read Best chrome extensions that should be installed immediately. Be productive

extensions in chrome
fig: extensions that i am using currently

for e.g., you can screen capture the whole page with screen capture extension, block the youtube

ad with ad blocker, write in other languages using google input tools and many more.

Its like a new software integrated within our chrome. And mark my word, you will start working with different extensions, once you started using it.

13. Save the whole page from chrome

You can save the whole web page you like with a few clicks. Saving a web page helps to view those pages anytime, even in offline mode also. The page is saved with one main Html file and another folder that contains all the styles (CSS) and javascript files and also images that are shown on the page.

To save the web page you want, right-click anywhere on the page. Select the ‘Save as‘ option. It takes you to choose the name and folders. Save it and open anytime you want.

save webpage in chrome
fig: first
save webpage in chrome
fig: second
save webpage in chrome
fig: chrome downloading webpage
fig: one html file and one folder on Desktop
save webpage in chrome
fig: folder contains all files (image, html, css, js)

14. Use the find tool to search for certain words on-page.

Any text editor has a function to find certain words or text using a few clicks using a find tool. Google Chrome also has this feature to find or search certain text or word within a web page.

This tool will help you a lot to read about a particular topic in long article.

To start find tool, press Ctrl + F and put the word to find in the text box. Then Chrome will search for that word and if found shows all in the color form. We can press enter and navigate through those words.

use find tool in chrome
fig: find tool in chrome

15. Use task manager

You might have heard about task manager in many operating systems. Google chrome offers so much functionality that it also has a task manager to work with. The task manager in chrome shows the complete status of CPU usage of each page and other resources using in chrome.

Tap the three dots three-dot-menu menu on the top right corner, Go to more tools, and select task manager.

The task manager will show you an ongoing task and process within Chrome. Also, it shows open tabs and extensions working in the background with its memory usage and process ID.

This can be resourceful for the efficient use of Chrome.

task manager in chrome
fig: first
task manager in chrome
fig: second

16. Delete Chrome history

Chrome stores our browsing history for sync with other devices as well as for fast user experience. But sometimes we want to hide our certain searched history or to free up the memory.

Chrome has given a specific section to manage our browsing history. We can see our browsing history of different dates and we also can delete specific search or delete our whole browsing history at once.

Go to three dotthree-dot-menumenu and select history from history section.

You can search history and select particular search items or you can delete your whole history from the option ‘Clear browsing data’ at the left.

clear history in chrome
fig: first
clear history in chrome
fig: second

clear history in chrome
fig: confirmation box to clear browsing history

17. Support for web application

Google is more interested in web applications and is continuing to upgrade more in this field. The extensions discussed above are the web applications that are compatible with Google Chrome. The Google browser Chrome also has web applications provided by Google.

The different google applications can be directly accessed using a chrome. Many web application of google that includes, Gmail, Drive, Sheets, Docs are really useful to all.

To access those apps: there is an icon for google web applications list on the top left corner in the bookmark line. Click that icon, and you will get a list of applications. Choose and get more productive.

webapp in chrome
fig: right side of chroem
webapp in chrome
fig: left side of chrome
webapp in chrome
fig: chrome web app

18. Create a chrome app

Another useful tool by a chrome, that allows us to create a chrome app from any website. This feature is a good one and I use it most of the time.

Using this feature, you can get an app like the trigger on your Desktop which on launching opens that website in app form.

how to setup app form of a website?

  • Open Chrome and visit your favorite web page.
  • Click three-dot three-dot-menu menu and select More tools
  • In the option, click create shortcut…
  • Then it creates a shortcut app launcher in Desktop.
  • Enjoy your chrome app
create shortcut app in chrome
fig: create a shortcut
create shortcut app in chrome
fig: give name to an app
create shortcut app in chrome
fig: created app in Desktop

19. Search within a website directly from a search

The chrome features list is so huge that I may forget to mention some of its tools. But I have to share this tip at any cost. This is a very useful tip while searching.

Using this feature, one can easily search through the websites without navigating through it. for eg. One can directly search my website AnyLearnNepal without opening the homepage or search about someone in Wikipedia without opening the results of google search. The requirement for this tip to work is the site must be included in the google search engine.

Go to the address bar, type the website(e.g. you want to search, then you will see a text ‘Press tab to search’ at the end of the address bar. Hit Tab and you are inside that site. Awesome right? Now type what you want to search in that site and press Enter. Chrome will directly take you to that site with the search results from that site.

search inside website
fig: pres tab to search inside
search inside website
fig: search inside
search inside website
fig: website shows search results

20. Direct calculations from search bar

The chrome address bar(with google search engine) is so powerful that some calculations are performed directly and you can view answer without pressing enter.

for eg. Type product of 4 and 5 and you can see ans 16 right below it without pressing enter.

direct search in chrome
fig: direct ans in search bar
direct search in chrome
fig: direct ans in search bar

21. Chrome as a Media player

Your chrome is very much powerful in the world of software. The chrome can act as a file manager in itself. It can play any type of media files and can open any type of images.

Don’t worry if your default image viewer shows problems. Don’t worry if your video player doesn’t support some video. Chrome is there for you. Just Drop that files over the chrome. And chrome will open that for you.

chrome as media player
fig: file dragging in a chrome
chrome as media player
fig: file playing in a chrome

22. Manage tabs

Tab management is a great problem for any user. We often open so many websites on different tabs that management of it becomes difficult. Yet, Chrome comes with easy way of managing the tabs.

We can manage the tabs in many ways. We have already discussed pinning the tab above. There are other good ways of managing the tabs.

You can easily access the open tabs with the shortcut. For that purpose, understand the first tab will be number 1, the second tab will be number 2, and so on. Ctrl + number will directly open the tab with the associated number. For e.g., If you want to open a second tab, Press Ctrl + 2 and you will get your second tab.

You can also drag any tab around other tabs, to put the tab in your desired location.

You can manage the tabs using the extensions too. I have listed the best extension to manage tab in another post ‘Best chrome extenstion‘.

manage tab in chrome
fig: drag tab to rearrange
manage tab in chrome
fig: dragging
manage tab in chrome
fig: after dragging

You can also arrange an opened tab to be open in a new chrome page, just by dragging the tab downwards.

manage tab in chrome
fig: dragging down
manage tab in chrome
fig: tab in new page

23. Practice web development with chrome

If you are learning web development, then Google Chrome offers the best way to sharpen your knowledge of web development tools.

chrome offers such tools in two different ways. One through a ‘Inspect’ and another through a ‘View page source’. You can get those options directly from mouse right-click anywhere on the webpage.

View page source shows the web code in a new tab. This code contains all the HTML, CSS, and javascript code.

practice web development in chrome
fig: page source
practice web development in chrome
fig: page source

Whereas, ‘Inspect’ is a better way of viewing HTML elements. It shows the code and preview, side by side, and also we can change the text, styles and see the real-time effect on the preview.

practice web development in chrome
fig: inspect
practice web development in chrome
fig: code and preview side by side

Cool right?

All these tools and features of chrome are awesome and I hope you will use these and be a pro in chrome.

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