The first picture of two giant exoplanets

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The first evidence of the existence of exoplanet started back in 1917. After that time, there have been numerous observations and claims regarding the discoveries of many exoplanets. As of $1^{st}$ July 2020: 4,281 exoplanets in 3,163 systems are confirmed. Among them, there are more than one planets in 701 systems, according to Wikipedia. Only tens of directly imaged companions have been discovered since the past decades, with only a few confirmations.

Latest Research

According to the researchers report on 22 July in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Two giant exoplanets with large orbits are directly seen. They were imaged by a large telescope in Chile. They are the planets orbiting the sun-like star named TYC 8998-760-1.

Star TYC 8998-760-1

This star TYC 8998-760-1 is about 300 light-years away in the Musca constellation, that’s very far away. The interesting fact about this star is — it’s just 17 million years old. This star is very younger than our planet(4.5 billion years old).

Description of two giant planets

These two giant planets have more interesting facts.

The inner one weighs 14 times more than our Jupiter planet whereas the outer one weights about 6 times more than Jupiter. The Jupiter Planet of our system weights $1.898 \times 10^{27} kg$.

The distance between the inner planet and its star is about 160 times more than the distance of our Earth from our Sun whereas the outer one doubles that distance. The distance of our Earth from its Sun is 151.9 million km.

This discovery might be the milestone for the advancement in astrophysics and astronomy.

Many Astronomers from all over the world are working together to discover the existence of extra-terrestrial life on different planets. Many Observatory has been established. The FAST radio telescope, the world’s largest and most sensitive telescope is now operational in Guizhou. This field of Science is full of surprises and challenging in difficulty.

I hope for the positive result and better researches in this field of science.

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