How to watch google 3D objects live using mobile

Google introduced viewing of 3D objects — animals, birds, etc., through a google search last year at the 2019 I/O event. Though there were a few numbers of 3D objects in the list at the beginning, as of today now, the list includes more variety. And the list is constantly updating.

This article will help you to configure your mobile devices to watch google 3D animals live at your home.

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Google 3D features

This feature allows people to watch augmented reality (AR) of different google 3D objects and other objects live at home just using a network connection and mobile. This feature is available only for mobile, not for PC.

People staying at home during this COVID-19 novel pandemic, are using this feature to entertain themselves as well as to engage kids. This feature by Google will help kids to know about the different animals and birds. The students can take more advantage of this feature – they can learn about human anatomy and many more things.

This feature not only allows us to view objects’ live but also allows us to listen to the animals’ sound, their movement, and more. The use of this feature is also easy to understand. One can easily increase the size of the object just using 2 fingers slide and can view more details of that object. In summary, this is one of the awesome features that Google has invented.

Below are the some screenshots of some live google 3D objects:

tiger live by google 3d objects
tiger live
alligator live by google 3d objects
alligator live
eagle flying using google 3d
eagle live
human digestive system using google 3d
human digestive system

What do you need to view google 3D objects?

For android:

  • An android phone with android version 7 or above
  • android phone that supports google AR core

Check the list of supported model


How to view it?

  • First, update your google app and check if google play services for AR is installed or not. Google play service for AR is a must in this case.
  • Open your google app or Chrome and go to address bar
  • Type supported object name. Here is the list of supported objects.
  • You will see live objects with the button View in 3D, tap that button
  • To bring live, tap View in your space button
  • Now enjoy playing with that object.

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