How to transfer files from Gmail to google drive easily?

Let’s learn easy way of transferring files between Gmail and Google Drive.

Gmail and Google Drive, both are the online services provided by Google.

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What is Gmail and Google Drive?

These days, where the necessity of e-mail is in its peak, Google has provided free services with a lot of functionality through Gmail. As of October 2018, the Gmail user reached 1.5 billion.

Google Drive, on the other hand, is a file storage platform. We can store any type of files including images, videos, pdf, txt file, and many more.

With one Google account, any user can access its huge list of online services including the most popular video-sharing platform youtube. Each account comes with 15 GB free storage and we can upgrade to more with the subscription plan.

We often use Gmail as a reliable, most secure file sharing option. And why not? Google is the best (my opinion). We get sometimes attachments with the mail which might be of great importance and want to store in our Google Drive. Most people first download the file from Gmail and upload it to Google Drive which takes time. Yet there is a simple solution a few ones are noticing of.

Transfer files from Gmail to Google Drive in computer

Follow the steps for this quick method.

Step 1 : Open your Gmail Desktop app or type gmail in address bar. Open Gmail

Step 2 : Open message that consists of the attached file.

gmail attached file
fig: attached file in gmail

Step 3 : Hover over the attached file and you will see two signs. One with the down arrow for Download and the other with a triangular sign google-drive download Add to Drive.

two options in attachment
fig: two options in attachment

Step 4 : Click on Add to Drive sign, and your file will be stored in a drive of the same account.

add to drive
fig: Add to drive

Step 5 : Open your Google Drive and confirm your file.

confirmation in drive
fig: confirming in google drive

You can also add to drive after opening the file.

Open the attached file by clicking it. Once it opened, look at the top right corner where you will see an Add to Drive sign. Click there and your file will be stored in your drive.

add to drive by opening attachment
fig: add to drive by opening file

What to do for many files?

If you got more than one attached files, you can easily transfer to drive.

Open your mail and see the top right corner, you will see a sign of Add to Drive. Hover to the sign, it says Add all to drive. Press and your work is done.

add to drive for many files at once
fig: adding to drive for many files at once

Transfer files from Gmail to Google Drive using mobile.

The process is same for the mobile application too.

Open your Gmail app and look for the mail. After you open, you will see attached files and two sign over each file.

Press Add to Drive sign in each file and your files will be uploaded in your drive.

add to drive from mobile
fig: add to drive from mobile

So easy…right?

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