How to make HOLOGRAM using a plastic bottle

This article will help you to build a hologram viewer using a plastic bottle. With the viewer, you can easily watch 3D projected like hologram imitation on the viewer screen.

So lets learn step by step:

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What is a hologram?

A hologram is a three-dimensional view of an object. There is a lot of science in making a real hologram which cannot be certainly done at home using simple equipment. However, we can mimic its appearance and amaze people nearby, just using a plastic bottle and smartphone.

hologram viewer
hologram viewer

We can watch so many hologram videos out there in youtube using our self-made device. So Interesting, right?

So why delay? Let’s start. Just grab a plastic bottle and smartphone and follow the steps:


  • plastic bottle
  • cutter (scissor)
  • tape (glue)
  • piece of paper, pen
  • mobile

After you have those things, follow the steps:

Steps to make hologram viewer

Here is the steps:

1. First, we need this shape. Here I have used 5 cm height and 7 cm in width. Choose your best size yourself.

hologram viewer shape dimension
hologram shape

2. Then we take any plastic bottle like shown in below figure:

hologram shape and plastic bottle

3. We don’t need the whole bottle for our work, we only need middle part which is perfect cylindrical in shape

hologram bottle cut
plastic bottle

4. Now we cut that cylindrical shape into exactly 4 pieces.

hologram bottle 4 pieces
4 pieces of plastic bottle

5. Then, we will cut those pieces into the shape that we described in the first phase.

hologram pieces proper shape
cutting into shape

6. Now time to add those pieces joining end by end, using a tape, or a glue.

hologram joining pieces with tapes
joining of pieces

7. This is the shape we need for our propose.

hologram viewer ready
hologram viewer

So the viewer is made. Now we have to play some hologram video.

8. Open youtube and search for “hologram video”

hologram search video
mobile youtube search

9. The search result will show many videos, just play one. Play any one video you like. The video should play like this in the below figure.

hologram video playing
video playing

10. Then put your viewer on the mobile such that the small opening fits perfectly at the center of the video. Watch any one side of the plastic and you will see an amazing 3D view of the video. Better to go to the darkroom for better experience.

hologram viewer at the top of mobile
viewer at the top of mobile

So enjoy…………………………………………………………………

Some images of my project

Here are some images. Do check out.

hologram video watching
hologram playing
hologram 2 people dancinng
hologram playing
hologram pikachhu
hologram playing
hologram pokemon character
hologram playing
hologram doremon character
hologram: doremon character

Watch many characters live as a hologram.

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