Corona Virus: Tracing its path from past to recent.

Coronavirus disease is also known as COVID-19. It is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.

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What is Corona Virus Disease?

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.

This disease, since starting in 2019, given a name as COVID-19 for the short form of Corona Virus Disease – 2019. It is also called a novel coronavirus disease. The official name to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is given as ‘severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2‘ (SARS-CoV-2) by WHO in the International Classification of Diseases(ICD) on 11 February 2020.

This coronavirus is the newly discovered virus, but coronaviruses were discovered earlier in the 1930s in chicken. Two more animal coronaviruses were discovered in the 1940s. The human coronavirus was first discovered in the 1960s.

Little background

The first case of this COVID-19 was heard in CHINA Wuhan city according to the China WHO office. This started in the Wuhan market of seafood, suggesting that viruses might have come to contact with the human through animals.

The Wuhan sate, virology department started to research and suggested that the virus might have come from bat stating the fact that COVID-19 causing coronavirus genetic makeup matched about 96% to that of coronavirus found in bats. However, research published in March, suggested that genetic sequences of coronavirus in pangolins are between 88.5 and 92.4 percent similar to the human virus.  So scientists are still not sure about the true source of this novel coronavirus.

Since then, This disease has affected almost all countries in the world. The death toll and the infected number is rising per the tick of the clock.

You can view live updates on COVID-19 disease from the worldometers site.

According to WHO: This coronavirus falls in the family of viruses that cause a problem in the respiratory tract. Most people suffering from this disease will only get mild respiratory problems and can be treated without undergoing special treatment. However, people suffering from problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory problem, cancer, and other diseases may cause serious problems and the patient has to go for special treatment.

How it is transmitted?

The main mode of transmission of coronavirus is through a discharge from the mouth or nose. When someone infected with the virus sneezes or coughs, the discharge coming out of the mouth and nose may contain the virus. So any person near the infected person has higher risks of infection.

The virus through the saliva or discharge from the nose cannot travel by air far, and it drops on the ground. When a person comes in contact with the ground, and if the person with a contaminated hand touches his bare nose, mouth, or face, the virus might enter the body.

How it can be controlled?

Researchers from different countries are working side by side to detail study about the virus so that the solutions can be found. However, to this date, No vaccine that works for coronavirus has been found.

So the best way to prevent this disease is to stop the transmission of this disease. This can be done if everyone is well informed about the COVID-19 diseases and help each other to stop it completely.

Preventive Measures

The preventive measures for COVID-19 are:

  • Be well-informed about this disease.
  • Maintain social distance
  • Use a mask to cover your mouth and nose completely.
  • Use a handkerchief while sneezing or coughing or use the elbow to cover up while doing so.
  • Frequently wash your hands and face with soap water or an alcohol-based sanitizer.
  • Maintain Lockdown ordered by the government.
  • if you show symptoms, visit the hospital for immediate help.
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