Know These Common Abbreviations, Basic Abbreviations.

common abbreviations

Everyone should know basic and common abbreviations which are mostly used these days. Abbreviations are the truncated part of a text. Using Abbreviations aka short forms helps in fast writing, reading, and understanding. So, it is important to know some abbreviations.

Abbreviations have become a way of standard writing in many fields. Like as if you see the medical report, we can find many short forms/abbreviations there. Not only in the medical field, but abbreviations are also widely used in other fields like education, computer, and even in a social media text.

So, it is worth knowing some basic but useful abbreviations.

I have listed some common abbreviations categorized on the basis of its use in the field. Check it out. Also, I have also tried to include an example or short explanation of each abbreviation.

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Common Abbreviations List

1. Common Time And Date Abbreviations

DOB = Date of Birth

Mostly used in forms. e.g. My DOB is 1990/01/01

BC = Before Christ

e.g. War in the Roman Republic from 73 BC.

AD = Anno Domino

e.g. It’s 2020 AD in here.

ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival

e.g. The ETA for that flight is 2 hours.

AM/PM = Ante Meridian / Post Meridian

e.g. It’s 3 AM in the morning. Let’s do it after 10 PM.

2. Medical Field Common Abbreviations

ICU = Intensive Care Unit

I would say, ICU as the most facilitated place in hospital.

ECG = Electrocardiogram

Most simple way to check heart’s rhythm.

HIV = Human Immunodeficiency Virus

It is the virus that causes AIDS.

AIDS = Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

It’s a AIDS. Scary.

LFT = Liver Functions Test

This test is done to check the problems in the Liver.

MRI = Magnetic Resonance Imaging

It gets the image of the whole body including its organs.

CT scan = Computed Tomography scan

It’s like an X-ray but done with different angles and more powerful and useful than normal X-rays.

OPD = Outpatient Department

If you have any health issue, then you will first go to OPD to consult with doctors.

PTSD = Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

It’s a disorder in mind as the consequences of some serious events.

TSH = Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

You will have TSH test for thyroid, if you need one.

BP = Blood Pressure

Remember you should not have your BP higher than 120/80.

NICU = Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

NICU ward is only for newly born child with health issues.

3. Common Abbreviations in Social Chat

ASAP = As Soon As Possible

e.g. I want this to be removed ASAP.

BRB = Be Right Back

e.g. One second, BRB.

LOL = Laugh Out Loud

e.g. LOL you are so funny.

ROFL – Rolling On the Floor Laughing

e.g. Used in something so much funny that you cannot control.

TY – Thank You

e.g. TY for your help.

BTW – By The Way

e.g. BTW, I can help you in this.

DYK – Did You Know

e.g. DYK they had a break up yesterday.

OMG – Oh My God


BFF – Best Friends Forever

We always help each other. Right BFF?

TIA – Thanks in Advance

You say TIA when you appreciate others trying to do something for you.

FOMO = Fear of Missing Out

It’s is anxiety feeling occurred in you when others are doing something without you.

AKA = Also Known As

Mr Ghishing aka Gore is criminal of our country.

DIY = Do It Yourself

e.g You looked the steps. Now DIY.

FYI – For Your Information

e.g. FYI, I am not the only one in this doing.

LMAO – Laughing My A.. Off

Well, people use this abbreviation in social chat when they get something funny.

PTO – Please Turn Over

e.g. PTO for more information.

4. Some Organization/Company Short forms

FBI = Federal Bureau of Investigation

The FBI is the intelligence security service of USA.

BBC = British Broadcasting Corporation

BBC News is the only news that is reliable in my perspective.

BMW = Bavarian Motor Works

e.g. Who doesn’t dream of having BMW car?

JCB = Joseph Cyril Bamford

JCB manufactures many construction equipment’s. You have seen JCB bulldozer.

NASA = National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASA research is focused on space exploration.

ADIDAS = Adolf “Adi” Dassler

ADIDAS manufacture sportswear which is very famous all around the world.

LG = Lucky Goldstar

LG company produces all kinds of electronic products.

HTC = High Tech Computer

HTC corporation manufactures equipment’s from computer to mobile phones.

FIFA = Federation Internationale de Football Association

FIFA is a non-profit organization that covers all international football matches.

GOOGLE = Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth

The largest company around the world. Everyone knows about it.

SAARC = South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

e.g. Right now, 8 countries are in the SAARC committee.

5. Short Forms in Worker/Position

MD = Managing Director

It is the prestigious post of any company.

PA = Personal Assistant

Busy Boss mostly hires PA to help in their small works.

CEO = Chief Executive Officer

CEO is the highest rank in any company.

CMO = Chief Marketing Officer

CMO deals with the marketing strategy of any company.

EVP = Executive Vice President

e.g EVP mainly coordinates with the department for the growth of organization.

CFO = Chief Financial Officer

e.g CFO looks after the financial matters of an organization.

6. Some Science Short Forms

DDT = Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloroethane

One of the synthetic pesticides harmful to humans too.

DNA = Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid

Main hereditary material of most of the living organisms.

RNA = Ribo Nucleic Acid

It helps in protein synthesis required for the body.

RADAR = Radio Detection and Ranging

Also used in airport for the navigation of aircraft.

LASER = Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation

Everybody likes to play with laser but be careful with the dangerous one.

PVC = Poly Vinyl Chloride

Haven’t you heard of PVC pipes?

SONAR = Sound Navigation and Ranging

It is used in Ships for navigation and other proposes.

7. Internet Commonly Used Abbreviations

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WWW = World Wide Web

A huge database of the so-called internet.

ISP = Internet Service Provider

ISP is the company that provides us internet. e.g. worldlink

IP = Internet Protocol

It’s like an address written in a numeric format for each device that is connected to the internet.

URL = Uniform Resource Locator

URL is the link to any website or web page. e.g. is URL to my website.

HTML = Hyper Text Markup Language

The main functional language of any web page.

HTTP = Hyper Text Transfer Protocal

It is the communication medium between browsers and website.

PING = Packet InterNet Groper

It is the test of our internet connectivity.

VPN = Virtual Private Network

It gives anonymity to internet user. for e.g. it hides your IP address.

WiFi = Wireless Fidelity

Well, you might be reading this with the WiFi connection probably.

MODEM = Modulator Demodulator

Its a device that connects our router to the internet.

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the way of growing visitors on any website.

SERP = Search Engine Results Page

It is any web page displayed by the browser from a web server.

LTE = Long Term Evolution

e.g. LTE is one of the standards of telecommunication. You probably heard of 4G LTE.

DNS = Domain Name System

It is the system of the address of all devices that are connected to the internet.

FTP = File Transfer Protocol

FTP is a protocol that helps to transfer files between users and web servers.

LAN = Local Area Network

A small computer network that connects devices within a local area like school, lab, campus.

WAN = Wide Area Network

Connectivity for the large area such as a geographical area. It is used in telecommunication.

WLAN = Wireless LAN

A wireless network that connects devices.

SMTP = Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

Simple protocol by which our email goes to the right place where we send it.

GPRS = General Packet Radio Service

It is a wireless communication for the 2G or 3G network with the transmission rate up to 114 Kbps.

8. Common Abbreviations in Electronics

LCD = Liquid Crystal Display

Not better than LED technology but works fine for less budget.

LED = Light Emitting Diode

New technology with greater efficiency than LCD.

IC = Integrated Circuit

Its like main component, every required component kept in a single chip. Small but works better than other components. e.g. Microprocessor, Microcontrollers, etc.

DSLR = Digital Single Lens Reflex

New technology in a camera that captures images with more efficiency, speed, etc. Multipurpose camera.

ATM = Automated Teller Machine

Well, almost everyone uses ATM to withdraw a small amount of money.

AM = Amplitude Modulated

Used for the radio signal, works based on the amplitude.

FM = Frequency Modulated

Also used for the radio signal, works based on the frequency.

IT = Information Technology

One important field that advances our way of life.

CD = Compact Disc

Well, we used to watch movies on CD back in the old days.

DVD = Digital Video/Versatile Disc

The new technology that offers higher storage than a CD. Can store any type of media file.

CCTV = Closed Circuit Television

Be careful with your activities in the bank as authority are watching over you through CCTV.

IOS = Iphone Operating System

The iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, etc. all part of IOS. Want iPhone 11? Sorry, I don’t have that for you.

MCB = Miniature Circuit Breaker

Well, see in your electrical wiring at your home. You will find a MCB. It protects our electrical circuit.

9. Education Related Abbreviations

LLB = Bachelor of Laws

MBA = Medical of Business Administration

MBBS = Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery

MCA = Master of Computer Application

MD = Doctor of Medicine

B.A = Bachelor of Arts

NOC = No Objection Certificate

PHD = Doctor of Philosophy

UGC = University Grants Commission

10. Technical Related Basic Abbreviations

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QR code = Quick Response code

Contain information about the product attached to it.

VFX = Visual Effects

Seen a latest movies? All impossible shown is by the VFX.

ASCII = American Standard Code for Information Interchange

It’s a character code for standard communication. About 126 character it contains, from letters, alphabets, special characters etc.

SIM = Subscriber Identity Module

Check your network provider on phone setting.

SMS = Short Messaging Service

Quick, easy to use but costs small charge.

PIN = Personal Identification Number

Well, I have my phone PIN locked.

OTP = One Time Password

More secure way to login to devices. It’s a password that is valid for one session login.

TOS = Terms of Service

It’s an agreement between two parties especially client and service provider.

PAN = Permanent Account Number

Go and take a PAN number from a Tax Department.

11. Common Abbreviations in Computer

BIOS = Basic Input/Output System

BIOS setup is where you have to go if you want to do something to your OS.

HDD = Hard Disk Drive

Hard Disk stores all your data in one place so that you can use whenever you want.

SSD = Solid States Drives

You can say, its a new version of HDD which is way faster and lighter.

HDMI = High Definition Multimedia Interface

It transmits audio/video data faster. You probably have seen one connected between TV and cable.

I/O = Input / Output

Its Input and Output. Like an ongoing process between user and device. You give input, you get output.

RAM = Random Access Memory

Volatile memory on devices that stores temporary data of user.

ROM = Read Only Memory

It’s like a RAM but non-volatile. It stores permanent memory that is required by a system to work.

USB = Universal Serial Bus

USB port in devices can connect many other input and output devices.

CPU = Central Processing Unit

Brain of Computer.

GPU = Graphics Processing Unit

Better than CPU in its work.

UI = User Interface

The computer understands binary-only but UI helps us to interact with computers, like screen display.

GUI = Graphical User Interface

It’s UI that helps to interact with computer through a graphics.

OTG = USB On-The-Go

Connect your phone with USB by the help of OTG.

12. Short Forms in Files Format

PDF = Portable Document Format

Developed by Adobe for all kinds of documents, compatible to any OS.

GIF = Graphics Interchange Format

Might you have send image that looks like video. I mean motion image. That is GIF.

PNG = Portable Network Graphics

Another format for image but developed to be lighter in size.

JPG/JPEG = Joint Photographic Experts Group

Check any photo clicked by your camera and see the image name. Did you see .jpg at last?

MP3 = MPEG Audio Layer-3

It’s an audio format compatible to both old and new devices.

MP4 = MPEG-4

A more versatile format that can store audio, video as well as some static images.

AVI = Audio Video Interleave

Developed by Microsoft for audio and video.

HD = High Definition

HD is for high resolution video of higher quality.


VAT – Value Added Tax

E.G = Example Given / Exempli Gratia

I.E – Id Est / In Effect

USP – Unique Selling Proposition

DM – Direct Message

PM – Private Message

RSS – Really Simple Syndication

TDS – Tax Deducted at Source

BTS – Behind The Scene

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

N/A – Not Available

RIP – Rest In Peace

IQ – Intelligent Quotient

SUV – Sports Utility Vehicle

DJ – Disc Jockey

ETC – Et Cetera

FIR – First Information Report

GDP – Gross Domestic Product

KYC – Know Your Customer

LPG – Liquefied Petroleum Gas

CV – Curriculum Vitae

PS – Post Scriptum

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