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These days, People are more interested in buying android phones with better camera quality. With more megapixels on the phone, we expect the image of high details and clarity. But that might not happen due to many factors including sunlight exposure, phone stability, background noise, etc. 

Most of the images need to be edited according to our desire. We want our images to be the best, liked by others, and most important of all, to capture a precious moment. With the help of a little bit of editing, we can get our desired image.

Most Android phones have default image editing applications installed. However, the settings found in those photo editing applications are not sufficient enough to create a precious moment out of a normal photo. So here I suggest you these best free photo editing apps for android which provide the best functionality for photo editing.

Note: The apps are shown in random order. You can choose any app, according to your preference. If you like to add the app to this list, feel free to comment or mail.

List of Best Free Photo Editing Apps For Android

  1. Pixlr
  2. Photoshop Express
  4. Prism
  5. Snapseed
  6. VSCO
  7. Photo Lab
  8. Phonto
  9. Adobe Photoshop Mix
  10. Foodie

Honorable Mentions

  1. PicsArt Photo Studio
  2. Fotor Photo Editor
  3. YouCam Perfect

1. Pixlr – Free Photo Editor

pixlr app in playstore
pixlr photo editing app: free for android

Pixlr is one of the best free photo editing apps for android available to download in the playstore. This app is rich in features to create collage and to apply different filters. 

This app has the best tools like autofix that uses AI to fix the photo in realtime. Another important tool is double exposure where we can merge two photos together. We can also use text in image features with some functionality. This app also offers some templates to start editing on the go.

Features of Pixlr app

  • Collage features like radius, colors, aspect ratio, different formats.
  • Tools like autofix, blur, double exposure, auto contrast, red eye, heal, etc.
  • Many frames under different categories like birthday, invitation, holiday, film, etc.
  • Some templates to start editing.
  • Text on Image
  • Directly post to Instagram, Twitter, etc.

2. Adobe Photoshop Express: Photo Editor Collage Maker

photoshop express app in playstore
photoshop express app screenshot

Another photo editor with more control over collage creation is Adobe Photoshop Express designed by Adobe Creative Cloud. This photo editor has all the basic features and filters available to use on the go. The stickers are great to use and there are many text styles to use.

Features of Adobe Photoshop Express

Different collage formats with customizable styles and aspect ratio

  • Many Filters to use under different categories
  • Different effects like raindrops, paper, watercolor, cosmos, etc.
  • Tools like, rotate, skew, flip to correct preception.
  • Predefined aspect-ratio for the Facebook ad, Facebook cover, profile, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc.
  • Different effects for color correction
  • Tools like red eye, pet eye, blemish, radial blue, etc.
  • Many stickers of different categories like party, flower, food, splashes, etc.
  • Different border and frame effects
  • Different styles for the text in image.

Overall, this photo editing has all the features to be one of the best free photo editing apps for android.

3. – Remove Backgrounds 100% Automatically app playstore showcase free photo editing app for android

This app is 100% automatic in the removal of background and also allows to change the background with some backgrounds from this app. If you don’t want to install this app but want this feature, then you can go to their website and do the task.

I have already listed this website in the 10 useful websites to know.

Remember, this app needs an internet connection to perform its magic and it is best to use images where the foreground is in more focus than the background. The only con of this app is, it doesn’t let you download the final image in high definition for free.

Because of its automatic process and easy to use feature, this app is in our list of best free photo editing apps for android.

4. Prisma Photo Editor

prisma app showcase
prisma: free photo editing apps for android

Prisma Photo Editor is a unique photo editing app that transforms your image into different painting styles. The transformation is smooth and can apply different settings to each effect.

All the effects look realistic and easy to use. However, the free version of this app will give you only a few filters to work with.

You can download this app only if you want painting effects on your image. Despite only few effects in the free version, those effects are best. That’s why, this app is one of the best free photo editing apps for android.

5. Snapseed

snapseed showcase
snapseed app: photo editing android apps

Snapseed by Google is one of the best professional photo editors available in Playstore. This photo editing app is packed with some professional tools like color curve, radial blur, AI perceptive, healing, etc. We can also work with RAW images in this app.

This app contains 29 tools and filters to work with. The tools are few in number but there are some awesome tools that you cannot get for free in other photo editing apps.

Features of Snapseed:

  • Can also work with RAW files.
  • Save your desired effect to use later.
  • Basic tools like rotate, crop, perspective
  • Selective tool for better control point
  • Color curve to adjust dark and light colors
  • Expand tool to increase image canvas with AI content aware
  • Many filters to work with.

Developed by Google, and full of professional tools. So without any doubt one can say that it is one of the best free photo editing apps for android.

6. VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

vsco showcase app for photo editing in android
vsco app screenshots

This is another photo editor as well as a video editor for you if you like to play with different presets of filters. Professional presets, customizable presets are its excellent features. Basic tools for photo editing are available in this app for the free version. However, for more presets and some tools, you have to subscribe to their premium plan.

This app is worth installing for tools and presets available in the free plan. So it got a place in this list of apps for photo editing for androids.

To start using this app, you have to make an account. You can continue with a free plan or trial for 7-days or a full plan according to your need.

Only due to its amazing presets, it is in our list of free photo editing apps for android.

7. Photo Lab Picture Editor: face effects, art frames

photo lab app: photo editing android apps
photo lab screenshots

This app has tons of face effects, collages, frames, and montage for quick touch-ups. This app has a collection of cool effects that you can search easily and apply to your image. The free version lets you use the effect but the processing time is slower and you will get too many ads. However, the app is worth checking out.

Best Face photo montages and photo filters make it to this list of best free photo editing android apps.

Just use this app and you will fall in love with the latest and trending effects offered by this app. And you will know, why this app is in the list of best free photo editing apps for android.

8. Phonto – Text on Photos

phonto app showcase
phonto app screenshots

Phonto app is the best app to put text on the images. This app has over 200 fonts that you make your text look better and brighter on the image. There are many styles by which you can change the opacity, stroke, color, background of your text.

This app lets you choose your own photo or you can choose many beautiful gradient backgrounds to start your project. This app is completely free and does all the work as the name suggests. I have been using this app to create thumbnails of the videos and article posts whenever text is the most important emphasis on the image.

Features of Phonto

  • Over 200 fonts listed
  • Can add additional font
  • Gradient backgrounds to start
  • Fully customizable text
  • Text styles like stroke, background, rotation, tilt, blend mode, etc.

Most of the Creators use this app to create thumbnails. That’s why this is our one of the best free photo editing apps for android.

9. Adobe Photoshop Mix – Cut-out, Combine, Create

photoshop mix app showcase: photo editing android apps
adobe photoshop mix app screenshots

The best Photo Editing app with professional tools like layers, blend, etc is Adobe Photoshop Mix created by Adobe. If you are familiar with photoshop, GIMP, or any other photo editing applications, then this app is best for your android phone.

There are about 5 tutorials in this app that will help to utilize the features provided by this app. And you might learn a lesson about the layers too.

With the selection feature, you can easily remove out the background and replace it too.

Features of Photoshop Mix

  • Layer supportive and different blend mode options
  • Basic tools like rotate, crop, flip, different predefined aspect ratio.
  • Autofix feature to adjust the colors according to scene
  • Other adjustable parameters like temperature, exposure, contrast, highlights, saturations, etc.
  • Few numbers of filters.
  • Both basic selection and smart selection for foreground select

Professional tools like layers, selection made this app in our list of best free photo editing apps for android.

10. Foodie – Camera for Life

foodie app showcase playstore
foodie app screenshots

Foodie is a camera app to take amazing pictures of food, selfie and scenes. This app also has photo editing features that consists of basic tools including over 30+ filters.

With the use of Foodie, you can use a live filter and capture your amazing moments. Simple in use, basic photo editing tools, and live filters made this app in our list of free photo editing apps for android.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Each app mentioned above has certain features that make them unique. Before installing any app, first, you should know your actual need. If you want to take amazing pictures using filters, we suggest using Foodie. But If you want to change your photo to amazing art, GIF, we recommend you PhotoLab.

To remove the background easily, we suggest using the remove bg app whereas to blend two backgrounds and to learn about layers, we suggest using Photoshop Fix.

All the above 10 apps are the best free photo editing apps for android and will take your journey of photo editing to the next level.

The above list are in random order and might miss your best photo editing android apps. If you like us to talk about your favorite app, please mention down in the comment.

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