Best chrome extensions that should be installed immediately. Be productive

Google chrome offers lots of customization through extensions. And it allows extensions to be installed within chrome. And there is another way of customizing chrome through themes. This article helps you to find the most useful Chrome extensions.

If you don’t know about the extensions, I suggest you to read this article that provides details of browser extension.

You can get any type of work done within clicks using the right best extension. The extension works like a separate software but with lightweight, using fewer resources and integrated within a chrome. But getting a best extension from a pool of more than 188K extensions in chrome is not an easy task. Don’t worry, for now, I am here to assist you to choose the right extension for you. This article has listed my best extension out there, which probably everyone needs with chrome.

If you are new on chrome or have been using chrome for a long time, this article is for you. I have already tried so many extensions for various purposes. Here is the list of best chrome extensions among them.

Installing an extension is one of the great features of Chrome. If you want to know more about other features in chrome, we have that covered for you. Read The ultimate guide to Google chrome. Increase your productivity with these tips and tools.

To install an extension in a chrome, here is a link to chrome web store.

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1. Grammarly for Chrome

Grammarly for Chrome: the best chrome extension
Grammarly for Chrome

Average Rating: 4.6/5

Users: 10,000,000 +

Grammarly is one of the most beneficial extensions out there in the chrome store. This extension helps us to minimize our errors while writing. It checks English grammar, spelling mistakes, our tone, and many more.

Once Grammarly is installed in your chrome, you can begin writing on any website. Don’t worry if your writing is not perfect, Grammarly is there for you. It underlines the word with spelling mistakes and also provides a suggestion for grammar and does many more.

As soon as you installed this extension, Grammarly will be active in your chrome. But it tells you to create an account for more features. You can sign up for free using email or directly from popular platforms like Facebook, Google, and Apple.

Grammarly comes with a free plan and also a premium plan.

In the Free version, you will get the features of spelling check, grammar, and punctuation. But for other features like Tone detection, Readability, Plagiarism, Word choice, and more, you have to go premium. The premium cost is $11.66/month.

This extension has helped me a lot in my writing. I use this most of the time while writing emails, articles, and posts.

Here are some screenshots of Grammarly in action.

grammarly option
fig: grammarly icon shows options
grammarly shows error
fig: grammarly shows errors while writing mail
grammarly article correction
fig: grammarly article correction in email
grammarly corrects preposition
fig: grammarly corrects preposition
grammarly corrects all erros
fig: grammarly shows no errors

2. GoFullPage – Full Page Screen Capture

GoFullPage image

Average Rating: 4.9/5

Users: 4,000,000+

GoFullPage is a best extension for chrome to capture full webpage in a single click. Among all the extensions i tried for screen capturing, GoFullPage works best.

The working of this extension is very simple. Within a click, it does our job without involving any complex setting. And the best part is – it is FREE.

Go to the webpage that you like to capture then click on the GoFullPage extension icon. Be patient for a few seconds as it starts capturing the whole webpage. After the process completes, it takes you to another tab showing options to download, edit, or delete.

You can download your captured file either in pdf format or image format. Download and save for further reading.

You can also edit the captured file, clicking an edit button. In the edit section, you can put different shapes (line, oval, etc.) or stickers emoji in your file. You can also crop the image into your desired shape.

I have been using this extension for 5 years and I have not got any problem till now. So I suggest you to give a try this best chrome extension.

gofullpage working
fig: GoFullPage working

gofullpage download option
fig: GoFullPage download options

gofullpage edit
fig: GoFullPage edit page

3. SetupVPN – Lifetime Free VPN

setupVPN best chrome extensions

Average Rating: 4.8/5

Users: 1,000,000 +

VPN means Virtual Private Network and it helps in online privacy by creating a private network from a public network connection. In this internet world, it is difficult to keep our online privacy safe. The use of public wifi, school wifi, and even private network and our browser activity cannot be anonymous these days.

SetupVPN is a free but most useful extension that comes with the solution to online privacy. It secures our browser activity with military-grade encryption while working in public wifi, company networks.

This extension also helps to unlock any websites that are banned by the government in certain region and also locked content according to geographical region. With many servers across the world, we can select any server and begin our work with encrypted privacy.

There are many VPN services out there that claim to do work. Some are not affordable and some offer limited bandwidth for browsing. But SetupVPN works for FREE with unlimited bandwidth.

It also comes with the premium plan. The premium plans give us access to more than 100 + servers.

After you downloaded this extension, all you have to do is create an account and enjoy browsing in a click. All the technical parts will be done by the extension. that’s right, you don’t need any technical education to configure. Just select the country and done.

Here are some screenshots of SetupVPN in action.

SetupVPN free servers
fig: free servers
SetupVPN makes secure
fig: connected
without vpn
fig: IP address without SetupVPN
with setupVPN
fig: IP address with SetupVPN

4. Google Translate

google translate extension

Average Rating: 4.4/5

Users: 10,000,000 +

Here comes a great chrome extension from google itself. Google can do many things for us. One of them is translating the language. The google translate can recognize any language and can translate into our desired language.

The google translate now is available in extension form, which makes very easy to translate the text of the webpage.

Very easy to use, easy to install, and no sign in required. Works on every page, many ways to translate are its best features.

Just select the text (of any language, google automatically detects) on any webpage, that you want to translate to English. Then the translate icon will appear, click the icon and you will get that text in English. Or you can translate English text to another language too.

With the new version, you can select the text and right-click, select the translate, and translation page shows in the new tab. You can also translate the whole page into your desired language.

google translate
fig: google translate extension
google translate icon
fig: google translate icon after highlighting text
google translate
fig: google translate in action
google translate in option
fig: google translate in right-click option

google translate in extension
fig: google translate action in extension
google translate other language
google translate language option

5. Adblock for Youtube™

Adblock for youtube extension

Average Rating: 4.2/5

Users: 7,000,000 +

Nowadays, Video consumption is more than a text consumption on the internet. So, Google is also working more on video consumption. And the best example to justify this statement is a popular video-sharing platform Youtube.

Everybody loves to watch the video on Youtube. Some people directly go over to YouTube and watch and some people watch videos through embed Youtube videos. Anyway, people are often disappointed by the ads playing over the video. The ads sometimes cover the whole video and sometimes come in the middle and interrupt our focus. The ads displayed over the youtube make youtube loads slower also.

But this problem can be easily solved using a right extension. There are many extension for ad blocking in Youtube. But I find this particular extension very simple to use and works better.

This best chrome extension Ad block for Youtube is free to use and it blocks ads, banner, and many popups. So we can enjoy the great watching experience on Youtube.

Install and enjoy Youtube.

adblock for youtube extension in action
fig: adblock for youtube icon

6. Turn Off the Lights

turn off the lights best chrome extension

Average Rating: 4.6/5

Users: 1,000,000 +

Another extension to enjoy watching videos on Youtube. The extension name is ‘Turn off the lights’.

Turn off the Lights is a cool extension and must-have for watching the videos. This extension, as the name suggests, turn off the lights except for the video part. It automatically focuses on the video with the light but dark out other areas. This extension works great while watching videos both day and night time.

This extension is lightweight and works in most of the browser. And this extension not only works on Youtube but also in other video platforms like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Hulu etc.

The working of this extension is so simple. Just by clicking on the extension icon, it starts its work. And by clicking anywhere, it turns the light back on.

See its magic on the screenshots:

video without turn off the lights
fig: without turn off the lights
video with turn off the lights
fig: with turn off the lights

7. Mercury Reader

mercury reader extension

Average Rating: 3.9/5

Users: 400,000 +

One of the great and best extension to help focus on reading on internet.

There are many websites out there with great content and articles but the noise and ads in it make the user difficult to read. In such a case, Mercury Reader is the perfect solution.

Mercury Reader removes all the noises and ads of the site and presents it to use in a more readable format with the texts and images. There are other extensions to make readable but they often exclude images and only show the text which is not good to understand the core concept of the article.

This extension is easy to use, no sign in required. Just install the extension, open the sites. If there are ads, click the icon Mercury Reader extensions and you will get a nice readable copy.

You can also customize text size and text fonts. Text size comes with three options- small, medium and large. You can also enable dark mode form there. This extension in dark mode is another awesome feature that makes it more popular.

mercury reader extension
fig: without Mercury Reader
mercury reader extension
fig: with Mercury Reader

8. Midnight Lizard

midnight lizard extension

Average Rating: 4.8/5

Users: 40,000 +

If you are one of the people who love to work at night, then this best chrome extension should be at the first item in your list to be installed on your browser.

Blue light from digital devices may cause strain in the eyes and even retina damages. Working for a long time during the night, with the original light coming from the devices, may harm your eyes, disturbs the sleep cycle, and cause difficulty in sleeping.

The extension Midnight Lizard comes as an all-time solution to this. With this extension, we can choose different color schemes that are good for our eyes. Midnight Lizard comes with a lot of customization. So, first-time users might get difficult to go with it. But with a little effort, this extension can do work that others cannot.

You don’t need to install another extension to use dark mode, dark theme if you have this extension. This extension has lots of other features, like adjusting blue filter, customizing bottoms, links, background, texts, different color schemes for different sites, and many more. Just install and start using this extension. No sign-in required.

Some screenshots:

midnight lizard on off
fig: midnight lizard customization
midnight lizard dark mode
fig: midnight lizard dark mode on

midnight lizard color schemes
fig: different color schemes

midnight lizard color schemes
fig: color scheme: apple mint

midnight lizard color schemes
fig: color scheme: antique colors

midnight lizard text customization
fig: text customization

9. Google Dictionary (by Google)

google dictionary extension

Average Rating: 4.4/5

Users: 2,000,000+

The best way to look up the meaning of the difficult words that come across while reading the text on the website is through this extension.

Getting definitions, meanings can be troublesome as we have to copy the text and open up a dictionary and view the results. But with this extension ‘Google Dictionary’, Viewing meaning, definitions, is an easy task. All you have to do is select the word or highlight the word and you will see its definitions in pop up box. If you wish to get the detailed meaning, click on the icon of the extension.

With the Google dictionary extension, you can do more than just viewing meanings. You can customize to store your viewed words for later practice. Not only of the English words, but you can also view the dictionary meaning of other languages too. Easily integrated with Chrome and best extension to be used.

google dictionary extension icon
fig: google dictionary extension icon
google dictionary text highlight
fig: google dictionary text highlight

google dictionary extension more results
fig: more results in extension icon

10. OneTab

one tab extension

Average Rating: 4.6/5

Users: 2,000,000 +

Great extension to manage the opened tabs in browsers.

When we have too many tabs opened, our devices started to get hanged. As each tab takes a certain memory that can be viewed by the task manager in chrome, chrome sometimes becomes unresponsive. In such a case OneTab comes very handily. Though there are ways of managing the opened tabs in chrome like pin the important tabs, the use of extension makes the task even easier.

OneTab combines all the opened tabs in a single tab. That single tab contains the list of all opened tabs. Just by clicking the list item, we can open individual tab or open whole tabs at once. OneTab claims to free up 95 % memory of CPU load and makes chrome super fast becoming one of the best chrome extensions.

many tabs opened
fig: many tabs opened
one signal tab
fig: all tabs in one single tab

Install these best of the best extensions in your chrome or any browser (if it supports) and increase your productivity right now. I have been using these extensions for a long time and I am sure that you are going to love each extension that I mentioned here.

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