Best 3 ways to Download and Install Ubuntu Software

best way to install sfotware in ubuntu

Downloading and Installing Ubuntu Software (or applications) can be a difficult process for those who are new to Linux OS. Unlike Windows applications, Linux applications come in packages. Ubuntu is one Debian-based flavor of Linux OS.

Ubuntu OS comes with a default set of applications that can perform almost all daily tasks. However, we want to install more applications for additional features and productivity.

Downloading applications for Ubuntu is an easy task. Just go to the official website of the required applications and hit download. But installing the downloaded file might be a headache if you don’t know what kind of file you are dealing with. Mostly you will deal with the following file formats: .deb, .sh, .tar, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .appimage etc. Different file formats require different ways of installing in the system.

So, Is there any way to install almost all applications without looking at the file formats? The answer is yes. I have listed below 3 ways to download and install applications (software) in the Ubuntu system.

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Ubuntu Software Center for installing Softwares.

ubuntu software center

Ubuntu comes with its default store called Ubuntu Software Center. This store is constantly updating and adding new applications. Not only the software’s, its UI also upgrades with the new Ubuntu release.

The Ubuntu Software Center is organized store with categories and editors picks. You can also view your installed application under installed window. You can find most of the applications in this store.

The applications (software) found in this store are present in either snap package or Debian package and some software are present in both packages also.

After selecting the required software, you can press install to begin installing. you have to provide your device login password to start.

Snapcraft Store for installing snap packages store for installing ubuntu applications

If you don’t like default application store, then there are other alternatives to it. The best website I found so far is store. This store helps to find and install most of the applications, not only for Ubuntu system but also to other Linux distribution. The applications categories are also good to browse, and also includes details description of any software.

When you get your required software, you can select the version of that software. To install the software, it shows two ways of installing it, as you can see in the image above. First one is to install using desktop store i.e. Ubuntu Software center, and second one is via snap in the terminal.

If you choose the second way, first you have to open your terminal. Press Ctrl + Alt + T to open up the terminal and type the command shown above.

for e.g. To install VLC, type sudo snap install vlc

Synaptic Package Manager to install Ubuntu applications

synaptic package manager to install ubuntu

Synaptic is an apt manager for Debian based Linux OS. It offers a simple graphical interface to install, update, and remove software packages. You can search for the required package, then mark the packages you want to install and simply apply to begin installing.

Synaptic Package Manager is, however, risky to use without any prior knowledge. It shows all related packages for a single application and one might be confused about the correct packages. But once you get familiar with synaptic, you will use this all the time.

Synaptic doesn’t come in Ubuntu OS by default. You have to download synaptic first to your system. To install synaptic, open up terminal using Ctrl + Alt + T and type:

sudo apt-get install synatpic

So these are my three picks to install Ubuntu software. There may be other ways too. But these three ways have helped me to install any application in my 8+ years of Ubuntu user experience.

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