2 Factor Authentication or 2 FA | Do we need it?

2 factor authentication

You might have heard about 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) somewhere and you might be wondering what it does and what its use. Many people have a question about it. Do we really need it? Does it really secure our online accounts? Well, don’t worry for now. You will get all these answers as you go through this article.

Let’s start.

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2 Factor Authentication

2 FA or 2 Factor Authentication is one easy but a better way of making our online accounts secure. Online accounts mean any accounts that we make over the web that includes social media accounts, bank accounts, google accounts, and any other accounts made on the website.

You have your password as the first authentication to your online accounts. And there are many ways of getting someone’s password. In fact, Hackers are exposing many internet passwords throughout the year. And who knows that your account might be on that list.

So most of the online accounts offer 2 factor authentication which is second authentication to your accounts. Don’t get confused with 2 steps verification as they both mean the same.

Why do we need to make our online accounts secure?

Our online accounts, for instance, take Facebook, contains all our information. Some information is public but there is other information that is hidden or hidden by ourselves. Not only the information, but Facebook has become the identity of some persons as well. The activities we do on Facebook might have a direct effect on our personal fame or our social status. In the same way, many online accounts have a direct impact on our way of living and social life.

We also have some other important online accounts setup like bank accounts and personal accounts like social media and google accounts. There are other accounts that we use only to store our personal data. Losing such data might be dangerous to us. Lossing control over our financial accounts, we might lose a great amount of money.

So there are many reasons to make our accounts more secure.

Is our account secure?

The only security between the unauthorized users and your online accounts is the password that you set up. But We have to be sure whether or not our passwords are secure enough.

We should be careful while selecting a password as it determines your account security.

Many people use a simple and short password like name, place, DOB so that they can remember those passwords easily. Such passwords are easier to guess. Anyone with little knowledge about you can easily guess and get access to your accounts.

Many people use same passwords for the multiple accounts over the web, which is not a good practice. When we have same passwords for multiple accounts, one account if hacked, all other accounts become insecure.

The information that we pass on the different websites are not secure as that can be easily hacked by the hackers. Even the browser and our own device stores all information in cache which can be accessed by the hacker by various ways.

So I would say, our account is not secure just by the password and we have to add extra security to make our accounts secure. That’s where 2 factor authentication comes in handy.

How 2 Factor Authentication works?

2 Factor Authentication works by adding an extra layer of security to your online account. let me put in this way, You already have a key (i.e. password) to the lock of your account. Now, 2 factor authentication adds one more key to the same lock. That means only using 2 keys, your lock will be opened. So the first key is the password, and the second key is the code generated by the 2 factor authentication process.

The code by 2 Factor authentication is a OTP code (One Time Password). That means once you used one code, you cannot use that code again to login. You will be get another code in your mobile.

Which accounts support 2 factor authentication?

Now many social media accounts are requesting the user for 2 factor authentication. Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and others have options to set 2 factor authentication.

Google account had been using 2 factor authentication for the security propose for a long time. There are other many online accounts that supports 2 factor authentication.

Amazon accounts, Dash lane password manager, Last Pass, Dropbox, Microsoft, and many more accounts support multi-factor authentication.

Methods of 2 Factor Authentication

There are various ways to set up 2 factor authentication in online accounts. Some accounts recommend one method over the other one. But the way all methods work are the same.

In some accounts, you can set up text messaging for a 2 factor authentication. This way, the code is sent to your mobile via text message.

Some online accounts still use email setup for 2 steps verification. This way, the code is sent to your email and you have to check the email inbox to find the code. This method is not recommended these days, as there are other fast and easy ways to do so.

The most recommended one is to use the authenticator app. There are many apps in the market that do so but the best one that I use is from google. The app name is google authenticator and is available in the store easily.

The google authenticator app can be setup by 2 ways: one is by scanning the QR code shown in your accounts where you want to setup 2 factor authentication and another one is setting a key shown by your account.

This app- google authenticator can show code in two ways: one is based on time period and another one is static.

Both ways are easy and simple to use.


This 2 steps verification or 2 factor authentication is easy to utilize and makes our account secure, and it doesn’t cost the money.

The use of 2 factor authentication may not completely secure our accounts from hacker but at least it gives one extra layer of security that might gives us good result. So I strongly suggest everybody to use this feature if your online account has such.

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