Errors In The Measurement

Errors or Uncertainty in the measurement is the deviation of measured values from the exact (True) values. When we measure a physical quantity, there are many factors due to which we cannot get exact results. Such factors bring errors in our measurement.

Table of physical quantities, their units, and dimensional formula

Physical Quantity SI unit Dimensional Formula Acceleration Angular acceleration Angular momentum Angular velocity Area Charge Current Current density Density Distance Electric field strength Electric potential Energy Force Frequency Gravitational constant Impulse Latent heat Moment of inertia Power Pressure Resistance Specific heat Strain – – Surface energy Surface Tension Torque Universal gas constant Velocity Volume Work …

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resolution of vector

Resolution of Vectors

The process of splitting vectors into many components is called the resolution of vectors. It is also known as a splitting of vectors. Think of it as distributing vector total effect into smaller parts.

projectile thrown from ground

Projectile Motion

When an object is thrown with a certain initial velocity and that moves under the effect of gravity alone, we say that object is a projectile and the motion is projectile motion. The path of that motion is called a trajectory.